KidSmiles Dentistry For Children & Teens

Caring and Compassionate Treatment for Your Children in San Angelo, TX

At KidSmiles, we offer a wide array of general pediatric dental services and treatments to best suit the needs of your children. Our pediatric dentists retain years of experience and training, helping countless patients to enhance their smiles. Now, our staff has set out to revolutionize the dental process for families throughout the greater San Angelo, TX region.

No matter the state of your child’s teeth, you can rely on our team for unrivaled care. Due to the disparate nature of general dentistry, it’s important that you track down a skilled dentist to properly assess the state of your child’s smile. Fortunately, KidSmiles will make sure that your family receives the proper attention.

Pediatric Dental Services in San Angelo TX

Cleaning & Exams

An important part of your child’s dental health is regular visits. We recommend having your child visit us every 6 months for routine cleaning.  At least once a year we will also advise that your child receive dental x-rays to monitor the progress of their developing teeth.


In the event that your child develops a cavity, we are here to provide fillings to help remedy the problem. There are options when it comes to filings but we typically recommend a white filling. A white filling provides a more natural look, as opposed to silver/amalgam filling. In addition, white fillings do not contain any harmful mercury.

Stainless Steel Crowns

If your child develops a cavity that happens to be too large to treat with a filling, we recommend a crown to solve the issue. On front teeth, we typically use a white crown, however, on larger back teeth, or molars, we would use a stainless steel crown to seal the cavity. 


If your child’s tooth becomes damaged due to disease, an injury, or severe tooth decay, our office is able to provide your child with extraction of the damaged tooth. This is actually one of the most common forms of dental procedures in children. We can determine if extraction is necessary by x-raying the area in question. In the event that extraction is needed, local anesthesia will be administered. Then we will carefully remove the damaged tooth. Our staff will provide you with follow-up care instructions.

Preventive Education

Preventive education is one of the most important things when it comes to dental health. Everything you do to help your oral health is considered preventive, and we work hard to help instill these habits in our patients each and every visit. The more time you spend outside of our office working on your oral health will typically translate to a quicker and more pleasant checkup at our office. 

Take the Next Step

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