KidSmiles Dentistry For Children & Teens

Children's Dentist in San Angelo, TX

At KidSmiles, we don’t want children to ever dread going to the dentist. Clean teeth should never come at the expense of your child’s happiness. When you stop by our convenient office, you’ll quickly realize that we do things differently around here!

KidSmiles is a child-oriented dentist that loyally serves the families of San Angelo, TX. We place our main focus on providing a comfortable and relaxing experience for our patients. That being said, each one of our young clients still accesses the most innovative dental work on the market.
We cater to children from the time they are born all the way up until they turn 20. Our goal is to set a course for proper dental hygiene at a young age, so these habits remain intact as children get older.
San Angelo Pediatric Dental Team

Kids love visiting our practice because we have FUN – like dressing up in silly costumes for Halloween!

Meet Dr. Daniel Hinckley

Dr. Hinckley is a native of West Texas and has been treating patients for over 30 years – 20 years treating adults and doing cosmetics and for the last 10 plus years he has limited his practice to children and teenagers.

He loves the outdoors and playing in the dirt on his hunting property, but also loves the restaurants and play-time that Vegas offers.

With two adult children and four grandchildren all living in Arkansas, Dr. Hinckley does travel to that part of the country to spend as much time there as he can.

Likely due to the 20 years of treating adults, Dr. Hinckley leans very practically relative to the type and amount of dental treatment a child needs to have completed. He and the staff do as much as they can to keep treatment and the time spent with them as lighthearted as a dental visit will allow. Since almost every staff member here has children, we understand where they are coming from (as much as that is possible) and try to gently direct them to a cleaner mouth and healthy teeth.

Drs. Hinckley, Browning and the staff would love to help you find your way here.